The Co-Founders


Tamara Winfrey Harris (above) is a senior editor at Racialicious. Her writing on race, gender, pop culture and politics has appeared in Ms., Bitch, the Chicago Sun-Times and In These Times, and online at The American Prospect, Salon, The Guardian, and Newsweek/Daily Beast.

Head shot

Named one of’s “8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media,” Andrea Plaid  (above) is an associate producer of renowned web series Black Folk Don’t. She has appeared on Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC, served as a recurring commentator on Huffington Post Live, and appeared on GRITtv as well as in the online versions of In These Times, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. Plaid served as an associate editor the award-winning race-and-pop-culture blog Racialicious. Her work on race, gender, sex, and sexuality has appeared online at On The Issues,, and RH Reality Check. She also contributed to Feminism For Real: Deconstructing The Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism, edited by Jessica (Yee) Danforth.


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