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Three Sistahs Talk Feminism And White Women

By Andrea Plaid

Home Girls

Happy New Year, SBF family!

We deeply apologize for our silence. Tami and I are going through some deep life changes on our ends–my relocating to Philadelphia and starting a class on social-justice writing while looking for steady-income work; Tami becoming an adjunct professor; both of us pitching story ideas and writing for other media outlets–so, we haven’t been around as much.

Forgive us?

One of the the project Tami and I are involved in is our homie Sofia Quintero’s upcoming transmedia book, Feminists Hate Men, which takes on the myths we’re so familiar with about people who work towards gender equity. According to Sofia:

“The ebook is going to be free to download for those who register for the Feminist Love Project which is a telesummit I’m launching in March 2014. The event itself is free, too. Registration opens on Valentine’s Day.”

We’ll give you more details about the telesummit soon!

In the meantime, after the jump is an excerpt from the upcoming e-book of Sofia, Tami, and me discussing the notion that feminism is for white women. (Unfortunately, we don’t have the transcript yet. Sofia said she’ll provide it soon!)

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Weekend Reads: Shaming Women And Private Chats Still Go-To Humor For Internet

Editor’s Note: Even though the Elan Gale incident was proven to be a hoax, that that perpetrator and millions around the internet thought such a misogynist thing would be funny and appropriate remains.

Tweet As You Want To Be Tweeted

I can’t help but wonder if Diane had been built like the Rock and named Dimitry, if Gale would’ve passed his “eat my dick” note up to seat 7A.

I have a feeling Gale would’ve just kept his indignation about rude behavior to flight attendants confined to Twitter. But clearly, there’s nothing more noble than shutting down a woman you think is being difficult and annoying by telling her “idiot face” to eat your penis. She deserved it cos she was rude, right?

I also wondered what would’ve happened, and whether the general public would’ve found it hilarious and awesome, if a black man was tweeting about telling a white woman to eat his dick.

Yeah, I really wish a black man—or how about an Arab man wearing a turban—would pass a note to a white woman on an airplane saying that “eat my dick” mess. I doubt the flight attendants would’ve been giving a wink and nod, as they appear to have done to Gale. Security would most definitely have been waiting when they deplaned.

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