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Weekend Reads: Shaming Women And Private Chats Still Go-To Humor For Internet

Editor’s Note: Even though the Elan Gale incident was proven to be a hoax, that that perpetrator and millions around the internet thought such a misogynist thing would be funny and appropriate remains.

Tweet As You Want To Be Tweeted

I can’t help but wonder if Diane had been built like the Rock and named Dimitry, if Gale would’ve passed his “eat my dick” note up to seat 7A.

I have a feeling Gale would’ve just kept his indignation about rude behavior to flight attendants confined to Twitter. But clearly, there’s nothing more noble than shutting down a woman you think is being difficult and annoying by telling her “idiot face” to eat your penis. She deserved it cos she was rude, right?

I also wondered what would’ve happened, and whether the general public would’ve found it hilarious and awesome, if a black man was tweeting about telling a white woman to eat his dick.

Yeah, I really wish a black man—or how about an Arab man wearing a turban—would pass a note to a white woman on an airplane saying that “eat my dick” mess. I doubt the flight attendants would’ve been giving a wink and nod, as they appear to have done to Gale. Security would most definitely have been waiting when they deplaned.

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